Pex is part of the Caban Group of companies. Caban has created a new business model to assist entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs require more than just cash. They require a range of services and mentorship to lift the profile of the company to increase sales and obtain start-up or developing capital for their company.

Entrepreneurs approach Caban needing capital. Typically, the entrepreneur would have an idea detailed in a document or have a business that is trading which needs capital for expansion purposes. To attract capital, it requires the services of the Caban Service Providers but cannot afford to engage their services.

Through this association, club members will be in an unique position to get insight to investment opportunities that will not be able available to the general public. Caban will syndicate opportunities with club members.  Private companies have typically 1,000 shares. Club members will be able to purchase 1 share in a spread of private companies at between R2,000 to R10,000 per share.